Our small (but perfectly formed!) distillery is located in The Boulton, Hatton Country World, Warwick.

Establishing it has been a real labour of love and we have had a lot of help from friends and family so “Thank you”

Martin built the bar and gin school counters himself using reclaimed floorboards purchased from a well known auction website!

Lorraine did ALL of the painting (and says she’s is never using the colour grey again in her life!)

Please take a look at the progress photos below – We are very proud of the end result.

Meet Nellie

Our beautiful 100ltr still Nellie has a copper pot and copper side column. This ensures maximum copper contact during the distillation process, ensuring all impurities are removed. Nellie also has a gin basket. This is where the more delicate botanicals are added later on in the process to ensure that their flavours are preserved and still evident at the end of the distillation process.

Why Nellie?

In the news

We have been very fortunate to have been in the news lately! (thank you Amanda Chalmers)…We’ve been in the Warwick Observer, The Warwick Courier  and The Coventry Evening Telegraph.

A big Thank You to Four Shires Magazine who printed the most fabulous article about us in the April edition of their magazine! Please pick up a copy if you can – it’s packed full of interesting articles all relevant to the local area .

We’ve also been hitting the airwaves!

Thank you to Brody Swain on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio and Kirsty Leahy from Touch FM for sharing our story with your listeners. Kirsty even joined us for one of our Gin Schools – She was a Great Student!

Gin School Experience

Your Moores of Warwick Gin School Experience will last for approximately three hours. Upon arrival you will have a coffee and we will show you Nellie, our still, we talk you through how we make our Gin and answer any questions (keep them Gin based please – definitely no geography – we are rubbish at that!).

We will then have a Moores of Warwick Gin and Tonic whilst you choose and blend the botanicals to make your own unique recipe Gin – be it traditional, citrus, spicy, floral or herby – it’s entirely up to you! You will then distil your creation using one of our six traditional, copper Al-Ambiq stills imported from Portugal. Time for another little drink whilst the distillation is happening! You can then name your creation, bottle it and add a personalised label.

We will keep a record of your own personal blend of botanicals and should you wish to re-order in the future we will recreate your recipe and send you a bottle (or two).

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