Our Story

Our love affair with gin began about 13 years ago. Lorraine was trying to lose a few post baby pounds after having daughter Mollie a my diet book advised (and this is very important to all dieters out there!) that clear spirits  generally have far less calories than other alcoholic drinks. So obviously gin became the tipple of choice.  A few years (and a considerable number of gin and tonics later) husband and wife team Martin and Lorraine Moore are establishing a distillery producing fine quality, small batch gin in the beautiful historic town of Warwick.

Any gin drinker knows that a still always has to have a name so why have we called ours Nellie?  She is named after the elephant in the room that we don’t like to talk about –  Martin’s Cancer – stage four malignant melanoma to be precise. He is currently receiving palliative care in the form of immunotherapy every three weeks and looks and feels incredibly well. When he received his diagnosis he thought “ Bugger it , I want to have some fun” so having worked hard as an accountant in the automotive trade all his life, he got himself on a distillers course so that he could follow his dream of making his own gin.  Things have taken a little longer than we originally anticipated (what with the odd surgery getting in the way) But we are finally here! He calls it his legacy and we are very proud with what we have achieved.

We have funded this project entirely ourselves. We could really use a little help with the final push, purchasing bottles and getting our product out there. If you would like to help us please visit our crowdfunding page.

Alternatively you may like to consider making a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support who have been a great support to us.

Thank you, Martin and Lorraine x

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Visit our crowdfunding page

Our Location

Warwick, England

Moores of Warwick is based just outside the county town of Warwick. Famous for its magnificent castle and historic charm, where you can enjoy a calendar of diverse and exciting events throughout the year. Warwickshire has recently been named as one of the best places to visit in Europe, according to the Lonely Planet guide. The county was listed as sixth of Europe’s best 2016 destinations.

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