Our Gin is handcrafted, in small batches on Nellie, our beautiful 100ltr copper pot still.

Why Copper?… Passing through copper removes all impurities from the base spirit and botanicals ensuring that the only flavours that you get are the ones that we intend you to have. Lets start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place etc etc… (someone should write a song about that!)

We begin with the finest base alcohol made from wheat. This neutral pure grain spirit arrives with us at 96 percent abv. It is completely flavourless and nothing like gin. This is our starting point or, if you’d like to be very romantic, think of it as a blank canvas and we are artists!

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Heavy on the Juniper!

We believe that juniper should be the leading flavor in gin so we put plenty of berries in and allow lots of time for them to macerate so we can harness every bit of oil and flavor.

Angelica Root

This is the ingredient that gives the ‘dryness’ to gin and helps to harmonise all the other ingredients.

Coriander Seed

This gives the warmth of ginger  also pepperiness and citrus.

Cassia Bark

Cassia is from the same family as cinnamon and as such gives gin it’s warm spicy notes (but doesn’t taste like christmas cake).

Orris Root

This is the root of the Iris fower and gives gentle floral notes.


Provides a soft spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Oranges and Lemons

Gin would not be gin without citrus. We put a generous helping of each into Moores Premium Quality Gin.

Hand Foraged Botanicals

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country with many wide open spaces. We wanted to bring some of the very essence of Warwickshire into our Gin. To do this we hand forage local ingredients and incorporate them lovingly into our recipe.

Local Water

Our water is sourced right here on the farm from deep within the ground. We do not add any nasty chemicals. The water is purified using lights (very clever!)

Local Botanicals

A big thank you to Kerry Bowness for helping us with sourcing local botanicals. It is fascinating to discover wild plants in season and experiment with flavours.
Kerry is obsessed with foraging to discover new edibles and loves to share her experience and enthusiasm. You can learn more about Kerry and the wonderful work she does here.