Ours is the ONLY gin to be handcrafted in Warwick!

It is the 12 botanicals and a combination of both maceration and vapour infusion that gives  our Gin the crisp, fresh taste that we know you will enjoy!

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Heavy on the Juniper!

We believe that juniper should be the leading flavor in gin so we put plenty of it in and allow lots of time for it to macerate so we can harness every bit of oil and flavour.

Angelica Root

Gives the ‘dryness’ to gin and helps to harmonise all the other ingredients.

Coriander Seed

These seeds have a very high oil content and give a citrusy, spicy, woody twang.  

Cassia Bark

Cassia from the cinnamon family – gives our gin it’s warm spicy notes 

Orris Root

Gentle floral notes come from the powdered  root of the Iris flower.


Soft spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Oranges and Lemons

Gin would not be gin without citrus so we put a generous helping of each into ours!


The floral emblem of Warwickshire and Shakespeare’s “Woodbine”-the very essence of Warwickshire !

"Lemon Fancy"

A Scented Pelargonium (type of geranium) adds a fresh citrus edge. We source from a local nursery that holds the National collection.

Local Botanicals

A big thank you to Kerry Bowness for helping us with sourcing local botanicals. It is fascinating to discover wild plants in season and experiment with flavours.
Kerry is obsessed with foraging to discover new edibles and loves to share her experience and enthusiasm. You can learn more about Kerry and the wonderful work she does here.